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Easy-to-Use Software for Modern Local Governments

ClearGov's cloud-based software helps local governments streamline their budgeting operations while deepening the trust and support of their communities.

  • Budget builder
  • Financial transparency
  • Capital project communications
  • Performance dashboards
  • Easy turnkey implementation

Optimize financial operations. Build community support.

ClearGov's easy-to-use budgeting and transparency platform helps local governments and school districts leverage their financial and performance data into more efficient and collaborative budgeting operations and stronger, more trusted community relationships.

Budget Better, Together.

ClearGov Budgets is online software that helps local governments make their annual budgeting process more efficient and collaborative. Work with your team using a single, shared budgeting workspace. Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of budgeting with Excel or legacy accounting software.

  • Collaborative online budgeting workspace
  • Create & compare multiple budgets
  • Maintain a complete audit trail
  • Intelligent one-click budget forecasting

Tell Your Story.

ClearGov Insights is online software that helps local governments catalyze public trust and support by publishing a highly visual, highly detailed, and easily understood online profile that tells the whole story of the government's finances, operations, and results, both past and present.

  • Share financial data, project management info & departmental KPIs
  • Highly visual, interactive data presentation
  • Context features help you tell your data's story
  • Turnkey implementation 

Keep Citizens in the Loop with Your Capital Projects.

You push hard to fund capital projects, infrastructure improvements, and other initiatives. ClearGov makes it easy to get the word out fast. With ClearGov Project Communications you can share any details you want — from preliminary plans to timelines to ribbon-cutting pix. Best of all, anyone in your organization can post a page in minutes — no webmaster or design skills necessary. Plus, visitors to the page can subscribe to receive automatic updates!

Hundreds of U.S. Communities are Using ClearGov.

ClearGov is building a community of transparent, data-driven, modern governments. Will you join us?

Our Clients Speak Volumes.

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